An INSANE 12 week 1:1 coaching program, for ladies ready to define their message, build their brand, create an irresistable product suit and launch their killer programs using SOLID AF social media strategies.

Create offers that align with you and speak to your ideal clients, so they can’t wait to work with you on a deeper level.

How to stop the scroll and grab the attention of your audience so you can build honest connections and relationships.

Having a clear and simple social media strategy and you aren’t left second guessing yourself.

Expand your reach, get in front of new audiences and turn them into recurring clients and customers that don’t hesitate to buy from you.

Let go of your limiting money mindset beliefs and own your confidence in attracting clients and making more sales online.

Start selling in the DMs to people who are attracted to you, your business and are ready to hand over the dolla!

Build community and create an audience of warm lead ready and willing to buy from you as soon as you mention your offers.

The Social Sales Accelerator is the Program You've Been Waiting For

I created The SSA for aspiring entrepreneur ladies, who are in the begining stages of their business ready to grow, scale and turn their social media into the ultimate client attracting machine in their business.


As well as having my undivided attention and support behind you, I’m here to help you start making sh*t happen and make money with ease using social media.


Are YOU ready to shift your mindset, up-level your social media strategy and nail your brand message, so that dream clients can’t wait to work with you?



What Makes This 12-Week Program Different…?


  • An exclusive 1:1 journey together in your business.

  • A fun & focused approach to make social media work for you, not against you.

  • Let me guide you through the noise, so that potential clients feel pulled to work with you.

  • Learn how to be aligned with your offers & programs, so selling comes easy.

  • Get ready to launch to your pool of warm leads and work with dream boat clients.

  • Truly know WHO you’re talking to and WHY! So you can be a sell out success!

  • Stop aimlessly guessing your next move, and start creating with intention so that you hit your ideal clients pain points.

The Social Sales Accelerator intensive coaching program is the perfect fit for you, if:

You are a female service-based businesses, new to the online space and you are looking to start building, growing and scaling your great idea using social media.

You’ve already started your online business, launched your first offer and no one is buying because you don’t have a warm audience.

Your branding, message and voice are off and it’s resulting in you not signing clients, or selling out your programs, services, courses or products.

You’re creating content and programs as a spare of the moment thing and you aren’t 100% aligned in what you’re putting out there.

You know you must make changes in your business and mindset, but you don’t know where to start or what to do first.


Pay in Full = 1 x £2,222

Payment Plan = 3 x £745

What We Will Cover:

How to confidently show up as your true self.
Work through self-limiting beliefs
Nailing your niche
Understanding your ideal clients
Build a reputable personal brand
Master branding & marketing
Define your messaging
How to create viral content
Learn how to master Instagram
Content & copywriting 101

Hey girl, I’m Lauren and I see you.

I feel your pain and I know how you’re feeling. I know, because, I’ve been where you are right now. But I’m here to tell you it gets better and you’ve totally got this! If I can build a business from the ground up and grow an engaged audience organically – SO CAN YOU!

Believe me when I tell you I was completely clueless when I started. However, my skills are invaluable and have helped me get where I am today. Becoming an expert in my field hasn’t been easy. It’s taken a lot of time, endless planning, motivation when days get tough and of course countless hours of learning and growing. 

My teaching method is simple and straight to the point. No fussy, frilly BS and better yet, I’m with you every step of the way. Ready to up-level, make an impact and turn your passion into profits? Then this is the program for you.

“Let’s create something beautiful and build a business you’re proud of.”


Pay in Full = 1 x £2,222

Payment Plan = 3 x £745