Business strategy intensive

Are you ready to jump on call with me? Calls are on Zoom or if you are in Jersey, Channel Islands or Chester, UK this can be done in person. This business intensive strategy call is the perfect deep dive if you are feeling lost, stuck or you are still not reaching your income goals. Together we will pick apart your business, fix any long term issues and put it back together again with a brand new strategy in place.

Brand positioning
Define your business message
Content creation plan
Social media strategy
Showing up & visability boost
Productivity hacks & mindset reframe
Social platform(s)/website audit
Planning a successful launch


£247 / 90 Minutes

£197 / 60 Minutes

I’ve built my own business from the ground up. Everything from designing my website and creating graphics, to engaging and growing my audience organically. Believe me when I tell you I was completely clueless when I started back in Feb 2017. However, my skills are invaluable and have helped me get where I am today. Becoming an expert in my field hasn’t been easy. It’s taken a lot of time, endless planning, motivation when days get tough and of course countless hours of learning and growing. 

My teaching method is simple and straight to the point. No fussy, frilly BS and I’m with you every step of the way. I offer my coaching services in three month packages, to fit the needs of you and your business.

“Let’s create something beautiful and build a business you’re proud of.”