I'm Lauren Claire.

I coach female creatives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to be BRAVE and SHOW UP in their business. Confident and authentic selling only using social media.

To help you confidently CREATE content that your audience will LOVE.

I am a WORD-NERD, who LOVES social media marketing and exclusively supported badass businesses in the online-sphere since 2017. 

I help shape your story and define your voice, so you can make an impact online. Want to build a sexy, successful empire, without the stress? You’re in the right place! Lets create epic content and killer copy that converts into sales – together. Are you ready to level-up and be a sell-out success? I thought so… 

The Online Initiative Podcast

Ready to up-level, learn the latest strategies and grow your business through both marketing and mindset work. Then THE ONLINE INITIATIVE PODCAST is for you.

This podcast is your one stop shop to hear all about social media, content creation, brand developement, systems, tools and so much more. Hear first hand from industry experts and listen in on some truly inspiring stories. If you’re ready to dive head first into entrepreneurship, look no further, come and join me on the podcast!


The Online Initiative is an exclusive community for passion driven entrepreneurs. A safe space to network with other ambitious, like-minded ladies who are ready to learn, grow and level-up?

Looking to connect, show up and be held accountable in your business! Then this is the place to be if you want continued learning scale your biz and online presence!

A clear vision of what your business will look like in 6-12 months.

Knowledge of the latest marketing techniques and strategies.

A product suit you are proud to build, launch and scale.

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